I love everything code and open-source. Several hours of my free time are dedicated to coding. Below is a list of my most relevant software side-projects. You can find more about my software and open-source contributions on Github.

cvui C++ OpenCV

A header-only C++ lib to create UI in OpenCV projects. I created this lib out of the need of creating a full GUI application using nothing but OpenCV.

A (very) simple UI lib built on top of OpenCV drawing primitives. Other UI libs, such as imgui, require a graphical backend (e.g. OpenGL) to work, so if you want to use imgui in a OpenCV app, you must make it OpenGL enabled, for instance. It is not the case with cvui, which uses only OpenCV drawing primitives to do all the rendering (no OpenGL or Qt required).

Source code Website

Codebot PHP MySQL Javascript

The back-end is PHP with no frameworks, serving REST APIs (speaking JSON). Front-end was built using HTML/CSS enhanced with jQuery, Bootstrap and some UI libs.

Codebot is a code editing program equipped with built-in tools to help you make your game faster (read full thoughts here). Developing a game is much more than just coding, you have to tweak art, build levels, convert files, find assets/extensions, read docs about building and publishing, and so on. The IDE should help us do that, or do it all by itself. Imagine you are working on your Ludum Dare/1GAM game and you need an 8-bit SFX. You click a button, a panel slides, you type in a few keywords, select what you want and done!

Source code Website

Live Broadcast Kit Javascript HTML CSS

A javascript app that authors digital content loaded as iframes. Loaded content is dynamically arranged according to user settings.

Live Broadcast Kit (LBK) is a web app to easily and effortlessly create overlays for video content. It has been originally designed to work in conjunction with OBS to add and control overlays on live feeds, however it can be used as a standalone app as well. LBK has been developed to help with broadcast and video content creation within the Computer Science program at Federal University of Fronteira Sul, Chapecó, Brazil.

Source code Website

Reslide PHP Javascript

A javascript front-end shows a PDF presentation using PDF.js. Current slide of the presentation is controled by the back-end (PHP using files) via AJAX requests.

Share and remotely control your PDF-based presentations, all in the browser, without plugins or network restrictions. The process is simple: first you upload a PDF file to the website (no login required). When the upload is complete you receive two URLs: one for the presenter (can change the slides) and another for the viewers (can't change the slides). That's all!

Source code Website

Besearcher PHP SQLite Javascript

A daemon (PHP/SQLite) controls the execution of several tasks. A web interface (PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript) allows the monitoring and control of the daemon.

Besearcher (bot researcher) is a cross-platform tool to help researchers automate and keep track of software-based experiments. The main idea to define a command, its parameters and the possible values of those parameters. Besearcher will then generates all permutations of that command and its parameter values. It will execute each one of them, keeping track of their status (running, finished or aborted) and the output they produced.

Source code

Pigeon PHP

PHP microservice that communicates using a REST API exposes system capabilities regarding e-mail sending.

Pigeon is an easy to use, hassle-free PHP microservice for sending e-mails via HTTP requests. It values simplicity above all, i.e. no database required, extremely easy and quick installation. It is intended for small, in-house projects that require e-mail sending capabilities.

Source code

Jarena Java

I developed this project as a tool for my OOP classes. It is a gamified way of developing and learning about Java classes and objects. All rendering code is based on AWT.

A game approach to teaching OPP and Java. It is a battle arena where student-developed agents fight each other in order to survive. The last team to be eliminated from the arena wins the challenge.

Source code

Sac PHP MySQL Javascript

A MVC web application built with PHP (back-end) and HTML/CSS/Javascript (front-end).

A web app to manage tiny conferences. It allows administrators to manage payments, schedules, attendance lists, competitions, rooms, etc. Visitors can book the events they want to participate.

Source code

Aura PHP MySQL Javascript

Web part built using PHP/MySQL and the aura-client is PHP running as a command line app on every computer to be managed.

A tool with limited AI capabilities to manage computers in academic labs. It is composed of two parts: the web part (PHP/MySQL) and the aura-client (PHP, running as a command line app on every computer to be managed).

Source code

Progbot PHP MySQL Javascript

A MVC web application built with PHP (back-end) and HTML/CSS/Javascript (front-end).

Progbot is a PHP/MySQL webapp to manage programming assignments. It allows professors to add and organize programming challenges, as well as grade them in an easy an contextual way. Students can keep track of solved challenges, deadlines and grading comments. It's is also possible to code directly in the browser, which avoids the hassle of configuring a complete programming tool chain (if that is not part of the deal).

Source code